Community-Based Prevention Services


Our staff provide emotional support through in-home interventions that teach techniques to decrease life stressors that may lead to criminal behaviors, domestic violence and substance abuse. Staff work to increase the parent’s capacity to offer a safe and nurturing home for their children.We help families to make  positive changes in their lives. We are pleased to provide this service under the direction of our master contractor, SAFY.

This is accomplished by:

Assessing the entire family for safety and risk indicators, then working with them to determine a course of action

Connecting families with community service organizations and agencies that provide resources for self-sufficiency;    educational and vocational opportunities, housing options, medical services, and  job training

Developing a care plan and goals to lower the identified safety and risk factors

Educating primary caregivers using a strength based parenting model that teaches communication skills, that sets safety measures in place,that works to decrease stress, and  that lowers the parent’s  risk to abuse and neglect

Monitoring the family’s progress in  achieving the goals they set

 To learn more about this program contact:

Debra Hanna, M.Ed.  Director of Community-Based Prevention  & School-Based Services


Our Parent Aides:

Amelia Anderson

Stacey Brown

Tiffany Doctor, LMSW

Misty Greene, MA

Polly McCann,MA