Discharge & Transition Services

Our Discharge and Transition Services team work to increase the positive prognosis of the child’s return to a community living arrangement. They take the lead in developing discharge plans and in coordinating the actual transition services for our clients. We focus our efforts on working with the family to ensure the child will continue to receive appropriate educational, medical, and mental health services post discharge from our program.

Transition staff are instrumental in providing the child with a realistic view of what life as a member of a new family will entail and in helping them to adjust to the behavioral expectations a family may enforce. They also work with them to resolve any conflicts they might have about not returning to their family of origin.

The staff work together with the child to prepare them for everyday life experiences in their home, in the school setting, and with adjusting to the social and peer pressures they may experience.

We remain the therapeutic arm of the child’s care for 90-120 days post discharge from our residential program.  We offer the family support in diffusing crises, we assist the family in navigating the educational and mental health services system and we work to ensure the child has access to all services he needs for a successful reintegration.