Level 3 Group Care


This program offers direct care, mentoring and emotional support  in a structured but homelike setting .We offer therapeutic interventions,  education, and residential programming  for boys with social, emotional, learning and behavioral challenges. Our residential program  is a unique, multi-faceted therapeutic program designed to give every child a chance to succeed academically, socially and emotionally. We provide 24-hour supervision and support to ensure children’s safety within a therapeutic milieu that allows each child to participate in an array of beneficial activities as part of their individualized care plan. Our residential therapeutic programs help children maximize their potential through strong academics, recreational and clinical interventions, and positive relationships with peers, adults and nature.

Licensed by DSS  to provide this service for up to 15 boys, we provide therapeutic interventions, medication management,  behavior supports,and character building experiences through a variety of therapeutic and experiential activities. The boys learn to respect themselves and to accept responsibility for the behaviors they display and the choices they make.  While here they will learn age- appropriate social and communication skills, acquire the ability to resolve conflicts and to manage their anger, and learn to extinguish the disruptive behavior patterns that prevented them from  leading successful lives.

Residential Programming on  “The Farm”         

  • 24 hour direct care, mentoring, and supervision
  • Nurse Management of Medical and Dental care 
  • instruction for mastery of Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) and Independent Living Skills (ILS)
  • Individualized education programming to meet his needs. Children attend a full day of academic studies in either our  on-campus education center or in a community school.
  • Individual Counseling  to promote behavior changes, family reunification or positive permanency
  • Rehabilitative Behavioral Health Services: Individual, Group, and Family Therapy, BMod, Psycho-Social Rehabilitative Services, Medication Management 
  • Therapeutic Recreation using experiential  activities such as  our ROPES Course, Fitness Trail and Obstacle Course as a way to develop outlets for anger management and conflict resolution and to promote self-awareness, leadership, and team building
  • Leisure Activities:   to encourage the development of hobbies we offer a variety of outdoor opportunities such as bike riding, fishing, sport games, nature walks, caring for animals, bee keeping, & horticulture,
  • Exposure to Spiritual and Community Activities
  • Ongoing Transition and Discharge Planning

Meet Our Team:

Ariane Bauserman, CTRS    Therapeutic Recreation

Cameron Funderburk, RN   First Aid and CPR Instructor

Margaret Greene, LMSW,   Care Coordinator

Alicia Hinson, CTRS, Deputy Director, Referrals

Anthony Houston, BA    Director of Residential Services, CPI Instructor

Deborah D. McKelvey, MA  Executive Director

James E. McKinney, MD,    Medical Director   diagnostic assessmentspsychiatric evaluations, medication monitoring


Referrals are accepted:  through child serving state agencies : DSS, DJJ, DMH, COC,  and local school districts.

Call us at 843-884-5342 x222  or    email us:  alicia.hinson@windwoodfarm.org