May 5th Day of Giving

May 5th! Day of Giving. #LiftTheLowcountry

Friends! Please help us spread the word about #LiftTheLowcountry. Pass along this email to your contacts and friends and helps us raise much needed funds and watch along with us as we rise up the leaderboard!

“Hi! You may not know this but today is a national day of giving throughout the country. 
 I am supporting Windwood Family Services and am asking you to also jump on the bandwagon to support a cause that is very dear to me.
Windwood provides services to young kids in our community that have been abused. As horrible as abuse is, there is a very special place right here in our community that provides all the services they need to heal. 
 You can click on this short video to see first hand why I support this charity. 
We are hoping to raise $100,000 today. We are more than halfway there and we have until midnight tonight to reach our goal.
Please help me to support the boys who live at Windwood. 
By making a donation of at least $25.00, your tax deductible donation will provide life changing interventions and opportunities for them.    All you have to do is click on the donation button to help me to make a difference for the young boys who you saw on our video. 
Windwood is competing against 27 other local charities for a portion of a $1,000,000 incentive gift!!
The more we raise the bigger the portion of the BIG PRIZE will come out way. 
Thanks for helping to support positive futures for children who have been dealt some scary circumstances.  With our support, they will learn the skills necessary to rise above the hurt. 
to learn more about the Windwood Family of services go to