Mission, Values & Business Objective

Mission Statement:

Providing help, hope, and healing through behavioral, educational,  and therapeutic interventions which enhance social functioning and well-being, ensures safety, and works to achieve positive permanency for children and families in our community

Windwood Family Services Philosophy of Care and Values:

Listening to our customers, stakeholders, and supporters; Collecting and analyzing data and outcomes, Learning what to do to improve our services and processes; Improving our services and processes with measured results                                                                                            

Windwood Family Services is dedicated to maintaining a family-driven, child-focused, strength-based and culturally responsive orientation in providing its services. We accomplish this by:

Developing services that are multi-disciplinary and comprehensive in approach;  Providing a quality array of services: community based prevention services,  residential care/treatment, out-patient, school-based and/or community-based prevention services that are flexible and adapt to the changing needs of the children and families; Maintaining a safe and secure environment that allows a child to thrive and that encourages family engagement in the therapeutic process;    Maintaining respect for the personal goals and wishes of the child, family and community and empowering the family by building parental capacity and competence;   Surrounding the child and primary caregivers with  positive role models  and experiences that assist them in the development  of pro-social life skills; Preparing the child and his family for positive  life experiences in their community through activities that enhance a parent’s abilities and promotes a healthy parent-child development; Training and promoting staff that embrace our agency goal of being a culturally sensitive agency that follows best practice strategies; Having a process of performance and quality improvement for identifying and evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of both therapeutic service delivery and overall agency management.

Business Objectives

  • To remain committed to providing equal employment opportunities for all current and potential employees.
  • To become a leader in the provision of cost-effective, time efficient, therapeutic interventions that create safety, well-being, and positive permanency
  • To expand our array of services to meet the changing needs of the community at large.
  • To maintain adequate insurance coverage to protect assets.
  • To limit exposure to liability through ongoing risk management activities.