Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF)


Our Medical Director leads the nursing staff, licensed therapists, social workers, certified recreation therapists, and direct care staff  in providing ongoing supervision, treatment, and support to boys ages six to sixteen.

Licensed by DHEC, we provide a multi-disciplinary approach to intensive treatment for psychiatric issues that are negatively affecting the child’s personal growth and social development, his family life, and his ability to achieve academic pursuits. We have a contract with the SC Department of Health and Human Services to deliver this form of residential treatment; we accept  SC Medicaid for payment of those services.

We believe that when children explore and discover their inherent strengths in a structured, nature-based environment, their self-esteem, compassion, coping, and social skills improve.

Following a thorough  diagnostic assessment and evaluation, our team provides clinical interventions that address  medication regimens and symptoms related to PTSD, Suicidal thoughts, Depression, Bipolar Affective Disorder,  Anxiety/Social Phobias, ADHD, and  aggressive or violent behavior  disorders.

Although many of the children we serve are suffering from prior abuse and neglect and are in the custody of SCDSS , our program also provides treatment to children who are in their parent’s custody and who do not have abuse or neglect in their background.

While here they will learn age-appropriate social and communication skills, acquire the ability to resolve conflicts and to manage their anger, and learn to extinguish the disruptive behavior patterns that prevented them from leading successful live

Psychiatric Evaluation: Meeting with our psychiatrist is an important part of the program. He is available to us  seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.  The staff psychiatrist completes a psychiatric evaluation on each new person entering the program and remains an integral part of the treatment team throughout the child’s stay. The psychiatrist and multi-disciplinary treatment team develop a personalized individualized plan of care  to foster personal growth and resolution of mental, emotional and/or behavioral issues. If medications are required, the psychiatrist and/or nursing staff provides information and education to the child and their family and/or legal guardians. The psychiatrist meets with each child on a weekly basis to assess their response to treatment and medications. If necessary, the psychiatrist will coordinate with other medical providers to ensure all health issues are addressed appropriately

Individual/Family Therapy: The children participate in regular individual, family and group therapy sessions to work toward treatment objectives. In these sessions they address issues related to mood, behaviors, relationships, as well as overall functioning. Our therapists employ cognitive behavioral therapy as a foundation. In addition, the therapists may employ a variety of other therapeutic approaches and techniques to address individual needs of the patients. All of our therapists are master level licensed individuals.

Our residents meet with an assigned therapist throughout the week for individual therapy which focuses on psychological, emotional, and behavioral issues. A therapist is available seven days a week to also address and monitor any crisis that may arise. The residents also meet with a therapist at least once a week with their family, either in person or by telephone or web conferencing, for intensive family therapy. Patients integrate what they are learning in the program and in individual therapy.

Group Therapy: These groups are facilitated by Masters-Level therapists and occur three times weekly. Two of the groups focus on issues that our residents can address in a group setting. Our therapists also use  specific curriculum to address issues that are pertinent to the issues affecting the children they serve.

Our Program:

  • 24 hour direct care, mentoring, and supervision
  • Psychiatric Oversight
  • Treatment Plan Development
  • Psychological Testing
  • Nursing Management of Medical, Dental, Eye, and specialty care
  • Medication Monitoring
  • Crisis Prevention and Management
  • Evidence-Based Trauma Therapy
  • Health & Wellness Lifestyle activities; USDA approved meals, Fitness trail and Obstacle Course; personal fitness plans and goals
  • Individualized Education to meet his needs. Each child attends classes at our on-campus school.Individualized Education Plans are developed as needed. Summer school program infused with the Arts to enhance and retain learning
  • Individual, Group, & Family Therapy as needed to diminish the effects of past abuse & neglect and to secure Family reunification or positive permanency
  • Therapeutic Recreation: using experiential  activities such as  our ROPES Course  as a way to develop outlets for anger management and conflict resolution and to promote self-awareness, leadership, and team building
  • Leisure Activities:  to encourage the development of hobbies we offer a variety of outdoor opportunities such as bike riding, fishing, sport games, nature walks, caring for animals, bee keeping, & horticulture
  •  Instruction for mastery of Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) and Independent Living Skills (ILS)
  • Exposure to Spiritual and Community Activities
  • Transition and Discharge Planning

Meet Our PRTF Multi-disciplinary Team:

James E. McKinney, MD;  Medical Director

Deborah D. McKelvey, MA ; Executive Director

Amy Mitchell-Washington, LPC, Director of Clinical Services


Donnell Covington  Behavior Management Coordinator

Cameron Elliott, RN    Nurse, CPR/First Aid Instructor

Alicia Hinson, CTRS Deputy Director, Referrals

Anthony Houston, Director of Residential Services, CPI Instructor

Ty Matthews, LCSW Therapist and LPHA

Rachel Roberts, LPC-I Therapist and LPHA

Latasha Pinckney, CCSD Academic Coordinator

Referrals: referrals are accepted through child serving state agencies (DSS, DJJ, DMH, COC, and local school districts) and from  Parents/Legal Guardians Call us  @ 843-884-5342 ; when the recording starts dial 1- and the extension 2222  or email for more information  

In order for your child to be admitted to our program, you must first obtain a Certificate of Need  signed by a physician and another member of your child’s team, a Diagnostic Assessment completed within seven days of the Certificate of Need (CON) being signed, and a CALOCUS completed on your child to determine if this level of care is appropriate to meet your child’s needs. Once we receive collateral information and these three documents, we must contact KEPRO for approval.

100% of our admissions are funded through SC Medicaid