Rehabilitative Behavioral Health Services


Diagnostic Assessment (DA): the diagnostic assessment identifies your child’s  needs, concerns, strengths, and deficits and allows the child  and his or her family to make informed decisions about treatment. Diagnostic Follow-ups can also be completed as needed.

Individual, Group, and Family Therapy (IT, GT, FT): Therapy services are face to face interventions intended to help achieve and maintain stability, improve physical, mental, and emotional health, and cope or gain control over the symptoms of illness and the effects of the disability.

Referrals are accepted:  for children and adolescents with Medicaid benefits from either child caring state agencies ( DSS, DJJ, COC, or  DMH) or from the legal guardians of the child needing the service. All legal guardian referrals require prior authorization from KEPRO prior to the initiation of services. **Diagnostic Assessments do not require prior authorization.