Take a Tour

If you would like to take a tour of our campus, we are happy to meet with you to show you our home.

To arrange a visit to our campus call:

Debbie McKelvey, our Executive Director @ 843-991-0681 or email her a@ deborah.mckelvey@windwoodfarm.org

Don Squires, our Development Officer @ 843-254-8053 or email him @ don.squires@windwoodfarm.org

Callie Vanderbilt, our Communications Director @ 843-998-2321 callie.vanderbilt@windwoodfarm.org


Because the identity of the boys who live at Windwood are protected by HIPAA, we ask that you make an appointment with us before coming onto our campus.

Thank you for respecting the privacy needed to ensure a safe and secure environment for our boys as they heal from past abuse and neglect.