We Are The Community That Ends Child Abuse

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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. The movement against child abuse and neglect starts with a single word: ENOUGH


Cases of child abuse are far too common in our community and throughout our nation. Each day children die as a result of abuse and neglect. We as a community need to say ENOUGH.


Because of their total dependence on others to get their needs met, children are the most vulnerable members of our society. Sadly, in the majority of cases, the adults that children depend on are turning a blind eye to what they see happening or are the ones personally responsible for physically, emotionally or sexually abusing them.


By the grace of God, children are resilient. Thriving after abuse is possible. At Windwood we are fortunate to see the positive effects our therapeutic interventions have on the children we are blessed to serve. It is both humbling and inspiring to watch their journey towards recovery.


Join with us and our community in saying ENOUGH. It’s time to band together and be a part of the solution. Let everyone know you’re going to take a stand, that you’re going to speak up, that you’re tired of the cycle repeating. With your support we can work towards breaking the cycle of abuse and neglect and prove to the children of our state they are not forgotten, they are loved and they are safe.




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Deborah McKelvey

Executive Director- Windwood Family Services