Times are tough for all of us; they are particularly difficult for boys like 13-year-old Darnell.  Will you help us show him that someone cares?

Darnell never met his father. His mother committed suicide when he was just 5 years old, but for years he believed his mom was murdered by her boyfriend. You can imagine why he became angry and why that anger didn’t go away.

When he was still in elementary school, Darnell’s anger turned into physical aggression and verbal abuse. He got into trouble with the law and was on his way to a life in jail.  Fortunately, he found Windwood and a new path for his life.

You can give Darnell the second chance he deserves.

To continue providing residential treatment to children like Darnell, we need to raise more money than ever. This amount is more than in the past for two reasons: 1) our expenses have skyrocketed because of the pandemic.  We are still buying personal protective equipment; staff overtime costs are much higher because of smaller class sizes on campus.  2) we can’t host our traditional fundraising gala this fall, which raises significant money for the healing therapy that helps boys like Darnell move past anger and accept love.

In spite of our challenges, we are not giving up.  There are simply too many children who depend on Windwood Farm.  This is their home and their family.  Please don’t give up on them either.

Donate today!