Carrie Tamsberg

What is a memorable story you have about Windwood?

We enjoy providing and serving a Thanksgiving meal to the boys and staff each November. At the start of the meal, the boys are asked to go around the room and say something they are thankful for. Without hesitation, the boys share a host of reasons for which they are thankful, most of them being for having a home at Windwood and for the amazing staff. It’s incredible to see young children that have come from terribly traumatic situations find such gratitude. They are inspirational to us every year and serve as a reminder of the healing that takes place at Windwood.

What do you hope to see Windwood accomplish in the next 35 years?

In the next 35 years, I hope to see people from my generation step up and continue the work that my in-laws and their contemporaries started. Windwood is successful because of the community support, and I am hopeful that we can rise to the challenge.

Pictured L to R: Joel, Alexandra, Chris, Carrie, Anne and Jody Tamsberg