The U.S. Senate is currently working on its version of the Health Care Bill. While we have heard it will not be as drastic as the House’s version we expect 632,686 children in South Carolina to be in danger of losing their Medicaid coverage.

More than 10 million Americans with disabilities rely on Medicaid for care. This decision will affect millions. Our children need your voice now! You can make a difference!

Please take the below steps to ensure our children do not face cuts to their healthcare and ultimately their well-being.

Step One!
Contact your SC legislator!
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R)
Nick Myers, Legislative Aide

Sen. Timothy Scott (R)
Claire Brandewie, Legislative Assistant
Will Holloway Deputy Legislative Assistant

What to say:

“Hi, my name is Debbie Mckelvey and I’m a constituent from (City and Zip). I’m calling to ask the Senator to oppose any health care bill that would cause millions to lose insurance coverage, make coverage unaffordable, end Medicaid expansion, or cut billions of dollars from the Medicaid program. Thank you for your time, I appreciate your concern for our children.”

If you are a member of a group home and/or provider agency feel free to use the following key points:

100% of the children residing in my care are on Medicaid, this decision will affect (number) children in (agency name) alone.

Our foster families deserve to be provided healthcare for the children for whom they have opened their hearts and homes.
We work with kids with disabilities like (list specifics) and Medicaid provides the critical services they need like (list therapies, etc).

A majority of children in our care have pre-existing conditions, they deserve healthcare.

Step Two!

Share your story!
Please use the below graphic on your social media accounts and urge your friends and family to call or write their legislators as well! Feel free to forward them this email and/or provide the script above.

About the Bill
“South Carolina will be at the bottom of the heap if Republicans follow through on their proposed deep cuts to Medicaid a Kaiser Family Foundation analysis found this week.

“The healthcare bill that passed the House of Representatives would cut funding to Medicaid, the health insurance program for the poor, by $834 billion over the next decade.

“South Carolina and 10 other states were identified as among states that would be in the most trouble if such cuts are signed into law, according to the recent Kaiser analysis.”

The above language is from this article in the Post and Courier.


  • It’s critical that our legislators protect children’s health coverage as they consider the American Health Care Act (AHCA).
  • Various evaluations of the healthcare proposals Congress is considering have concluded South Carolina will be among the state’s most negatively affected by the proposals.
  • What is being proposed — Medicaid CAPS will hurt ALL individuals who rely on Medicaid, including thousands of children in our care — children with disabilities and special healthcare needs, even healthy kids.
  • States will get one amount of money to divide as they see fit. Since the amount states will get is based on their 2016 spending, more generous states will get more than less generous Medicaid states. That means South Carolina taxpayers money will fund New York, Florida, Connecticut, and other states with more generous Medicaid benefits.

Children’s Hospitals to Senate: Reject AHCA for Failing Kids

While CBO did not specifically analyze how this cut would affect children, recent analyses by Avalere and the American Action Forumestimated that the House-passed AHCA, if enacted, would cut Medicaid for kids by more than $40 billion by 2026.

While these studies to date have focused exclusively on non-disabled children, the high costs associated with disabled children in Medicaid would likely make the total impact of the AHCA on kids significantly greater.

These various analyses all underline the same point — this bill is bad for kids.

On behalf of our nation’s children’s hospitals and the patients and families they serve, Children’s Hospital Association asks the Senate to safeguard Medicaid for children and reject the House-passed bill.

Today’s children represent tomorrow’s future, and we must invest in their health now.