Dr. James McKinney

Why is Windwood special to you?

Windwood focuses on providing the kids with a safe and stable environment to not only deal with the chaos and trauma they have experienced but also to learn new skills for moving forward in their lives. Windwood gives encouragement, hope, optimism and a chance to start over. I really appreciate the multi-disciplinary team approach utilized to address these complex issues that our kids face.

I am proud to work alongside Debbie McKelvey, Anthony Houston, Alicia Hinson and Jaquay Washington. I have known these talented and dedicated individuals for years and I am in awe of their dedication to the welfare of the children here.

What is a memorable story you have about Windwood?

“When the kids discharge, we look through the pictures in their discharge scrapbook together and talk about the experiences they had, relationships made, challenges they faced, goals they worked on and progress they made. The kids will often “beam” with pride when talking about their activities and accomplishments while flipping the pages. I will then sign the book and offer encouragement for them to continue the good work that was started at WWF.”

What do you hope to see Windwood accomplish in the next 35 years?

“My hope is that Windwood would be even more involved in aftercare services once children are discharged from the facility. Getting individual therapy, family therapy and behavior-mod services in place is vitally important to maintain the progress that is made while in residential care.”