Jody Tamsberg with family members at the Windwood Havana Nights gala

Jody Tamsberg

When Jody Tamsberg and his wife Anne decided to move their family from Windwood Farm to Georgetown, they fulfilled a dream by offering their beautiful property on the banks of the Wando River as a refuge and place of healing for boys. The Tamsbergs wanted the boys to have a home where they could fish, ride bikes, go for walks, and play ball like other kids while receiving treatment.

“I had wonderful parents who taught me the joy and obligation of giving back. Anne and I were interested in helping abused children and became aware of the dire shortage of treatment facilities for boys in state custody. We thought our farm would be the perfect place for these young boys to receive the healing therapy they needed and still be able to be kids, Jody said.

“Our growth and service at Windwood over the last 35 years has been very challenging and rewarding. I know we have positively impacted the lives of thousands of children and families. I look forward to continuing our mission of providing hope, help and healing for many years to come.”