The health and safety of our community is our top priority; we will continue taking steps to protect the many people we contact every week.

In response to the state of emergency declared by Governor McMaster, Windwood Family Services is taking steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19/Coronavirus. We are in touch with state and city officials and are continually updating measures to protect our Windwood residents and community based services clients.

Under our current virus protocol, everyone who enters a Windwood building is required to sign in and is asked about recent travel, whether they are experiencing flu-like symptoms, and whether anyone in their household has been quarantined. People who answer yes to any of these questions will be asked to leave as a precaution.

How has Windwood Family Services handled school closing?

Windwood staff will provide academic instruction and enrichment to the boys residing on our campus while Charleston County School District remains closed. CCSD teachers provided individualized curriculum for our staff to follow. The boys will attend class from 8am until 3pm Monday through Friday. We will provide recreation therapy, “virtual” field trips, and regular course work according to each child’s grade level and abilities.

How has Windwood Family Services adjusted its safety protocols to reduce the spread of coronavirus within its network of programs?

We minimized all in-person meetings to those that are absolutely required until further notice and we restricted on campus gatherings or participation in community events for the foreseeable future. We also restricted the use of our facility by external groups and discontinued volunteers across our programs. State agency and family members may visit during certain times after completing a healthcare questionnaire. All visitors to the campus will have temperatures taken.

We are not accepting any donated baked goods or meals, or other food supplies at this time. All meals are prepared in-house using a USDA approved menu. Lab work and emergency medical/dental care will be accessed; routine appointments will be delayed for now.

What will Windwood Family Services’ protocol be in the event that a staff person, a farm resident, or community based program family tests positive for coronavirus?

While we have not had any reports of staff or residents testing positive for COVID-19, Windwood Family Services is prepared for such a circumstance.  In the event we are notified that a person associated with one of our programs has tested positive, we would notify all staff, participants and other relevant parties.

If the individual in question is a resident of one of our residential treatment programs, we would follow internal protocol to support immediate self-quarantine. We have taken steps to prepare an area of isolation from other residents where the child will continue to receive nursing and therapeutic support and care. Additionally, we will continue to provide daily essentials (food, medication, hygiene supplies, etc.) We will work with health officials to determine if any other steps need to be taken to protect our residents and staff. We would use the screening information for all sites to determine whether any other program site has been impacted and act accordingly.

Under what circumstances would Windwood close a program?

Windwood Family Services provides essential services to children and families in South Carolina. Many of Windwood Family Services’ programs provide critical services on a 24/7 basis and we do not anticipate closing these under any circumstances.

As an alternative to providing clinic based face-to-face therapy or in-home case management, tele-psych services are available.

The decision to close any of our community based programs would not be taken lightly. It would be a joint decision made by Our Board of Directors, the Executive Director, and our Senior Leadership with guidance from our funding and oversight agencies, local health authorities, and other stakeholders.