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Windwood Farm


Celebrating three decades of providing healing interventions for children and families


It seems hard to believe it has been thirty years since Jody and Anne Tamsberg created a living legacy on their home in Awendaw, SC that has grown to be a valued resource for children in our community.

Through the ongoing support of local business partners and civic organizations,several localplaces of worship, and caring individuals in our community, Windwood Family Services has been privileged to pave the way for children to recover from abuse and neglect and for families to recover from roadblocks that are preventing them from maintaining safe, secure, and loving homes.

People often wonder why the programs that Windwood offers are needed in our community. These statistics speak volumes.

  • South Carolina ranks 45th in the nation for the overall well-being of children
  • There are over 18,000 reports of abuse called in to DSS each year
  • South Carolina has the 16th Highest Drug Overdose Mortality Rate in the United States


The Windwood Timeline

In 1985 we opened our doors serving six boys in the home where Jody and Anne started their family

In 1991 a second home was constructed and 16 boys were able to call Windwood their home.

In 1996 a new building was constructed and the Windwood Farm School opened its doors

In 2001 an additional 60 acres was purchased and The Windwood Farm Environmental Center was created.

In 2004 our agency became accredited for maintaining best practice standards in residential treatment through a national organization, The Council on Accreditation.

In 2005 we celebrated our 20th anniversary. The cabin on our back property was renovated and a new residential treatment home was erected.

In 2010, we celebrated our 25th anniversary. Our Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) opened for twelve boys; we were awarded a contract to provide Rehabilitative Behavioral Health Services (RBHS) to children living in the community and our Founder, Joseph L. Tamsberg, Jr was presented with The Order of the Palmetto for the contributions he has made to the State of South Carolina.

In 2011, we opened our 0ut-patient clinic in Mt. Peasant

In 2012 we began providing Community-Based Prevention Services in Charleston and Dorchester Counties.

In 2015 the Council of Accreditation recognized us for maintaining best practice standards in Residential Treatment, Community Mental Health Services, and Family Preservation Services 

Our Residential Care Program:  

Help, Hope, Healing.  That is what goes on every day on our beautiful 110-acre residential campus in Awendaw. The natural beauty and surroundings of our campus with its access to the Wando River offer a safe haven for every boy who comes to live with us. Fishing ponds, nature trails, a wide variety of animals, a fitness trail and obstacle course, along with our challenge course and an on-campus education center keep our boys’ lives busy from morning ‘til night. We offer our boys a well-rounded lifestyle. As time goes on and as trust levels build, the daily nightmares turn into dreams for the future, low self-esteem turns into confidence and self-worth, and the fear of failure turns into reaching for the stars. When boys graduate from our program they are ready to accept life’s challenges. Their spiritual life is firmly set, scholastic achievement becomes the norm, and positive loving family values are spread out among those who will be in the child’s circle of influence. With therapies geared to increase problem solving, anger management, and frustration tolerance, we offer a unique approach to the healing process.  Each building block increases the child’s ability to successfully complete of our program.

  • Our 110-acre campus provides for a safe and secure location that is the ideal therapeutic setting
  • Since 1985, Windwood has served more than 500 boys on our 110 acre  residential campus
  • The children we serve are typically referred by the Department of Social Services and have five or more failed living arrangements before they are placed in our care. The last 29 children entering our program were removed from a total of 150 prior placements.
  • Windwood is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our doors never close!
  • Our residential program serves boys, ages 6-16 in need of trauma focused interventions and behavior modification as a result of abuse and/or neglect.
  • In addition to food, shelter, and clothing, the children receive 24-hour therapeutic supervision and intervention, recreational activities, spiritual programming, Medical and dental care.
  • Because we now offer out-patient and in-home therapy, we were able to offer support services to the families who were waiting for an admission our residential program. 

Our results speak for themselves!

  • 53 boys received residential services on The Farm during our last fiscal year
  • 30 boys were discharged during that time frame
  • The average length of stay was 11 months
  • 93.3% were discharged to a lower level of care or to a family living arrangement
  • 22 children were placed in a community living situation with a relative
  • 8 boys were placed in a community living situation in a therapeutic foster home
  • 1 child was discharged to a medical facility for a critical brain surgery
  • 1 child was placed in a higher level of care due to problematic sexual behaviors·
  • 0 or 0% of the children made a lateral move
  •  0 or 0% children were discharged due to an arrest.
  • 100% of the children received a full day of education by attending  a CCSD school on a daily basis
  • 94% of the boys served were promoted at the end of the school year
  • 100% of the children participated in community activities
  • 100% of the children are offered  opportunities to participate in spiritual activity
  • 0 or 0% of the children participated in criminal activity; none were arrested
  • 100% of clinical staff are licensed master level professionals


Our Outpatient and School-Based Services:   

Individual and Family Therapy is provided in our out-patient clinic at 900 Johnnie Dodds Blvd., Suite 110 in Mount Pleasant and at Mitchell Elementary and Meeting Street Academy in Charleston County. Family therapy sessions work to establish age-appropriate roles and develop family rituals, to decrease stress and increase communication, to establish boundaries and to set the standard for acceptable family behaviors. Children as young as two can benefit from our Parent Child Interaction Therapy or PCIT as it is commonly called; and children of all ages benefit from the individual sessions offered by our independently licensed therapists who specialize in helping children overcome depression, anxiety, school fears, social phobias, in anger management, and in developing positive social skills that will assist them in becoming well-adjusted children and teens.


Our Community-Based Prevention Services:  

This in-home visitation and outreach program works with families in the privacy of their homes to increase parental capabilities and to decrease the risk of child abuse and neglect occurring during stressful times in the family’s life. Since May 2012 we have served close to 2000 families in Charleston and Dorchester counties.The goals of this program are to: Aid in securing a safe, healthy, nurturing environment where children are loved and respected by their primary caregivers. Provide in-home interventions that empower families with the resources they need to become self-sufficient in their daily lives! Educate families to navigate the social service system, and Connect them with medical care options, counseling, job training, child care, and parenting education classes that are available to them.

For anyone who questions whether or not miracles happen, I invite you to come visit us. At Windwood Farm, miracles happen every day!  Please consider coming out to The Farm for a tour of our campus. Call Debbie McKelvey, our Executive Director at 843-991-0681 to find out how you can become involved in partnering with us to stomp out child abuse and neglect.

The smiles on the faces of children who have overcome exposure to horrific living situations, extreme abuse and neglect, substance abuse, or physical cruelty tell a compelling story. Our boys are living proof that lives can be changed, that character can be built, and that success lies at the feet of those who embrace the tools offered to them.


Windwood Farm Home for Children, Inc.

Our Heritage: Help, Hope, Healing.  This is what goes on every day on our beautiful 110-acre residential campus along the Wando River in Awendaw. Our boys have access to several ponds, nature and fitness trails, a wide variety of animals, an obstacle and challenge course, and an on-campus education center.  These programs are led by highly skilled staff and best practice evidenced based therapeutic interventions. It all adds up to a nationally accredited treatment program that offers each child a chance to elevate himself beyond his wildest expectations.

On the way to becoming a productive member of our community, children given the opportunity to acquire skills to regulate behaviors and emotions, or to overcome past  traumas. We offer a unique approach to the healing process; it is truly a lifeline for at-risk children. Therapies geared to increase problem solving and emotion regulation increase the child’s ability to achieve a successful completion of our program.

For anyone who questions whether or not miracles happen; I invite you to come visit us. At Windwood Farm, miracles happen every day!  The smiles on the faces of the children – especially those who have overcome exposure to horrific living situations, extreme abuse and neglect, substance abuse, or physical cruelty – tell a compelling story. Our boys are living proof that lives can be changed, that character can be built, and that success lies at the feet of those who embrace the tools offered to them to move forward. For our boys who are fortunate to have had emotional support from a loving family during their stay, the positive outcomes are even more evident.

Over the past 29 years, 500 boys have called Windwood Farm their home. The services provided here takes them one step closer to a a brighter future and successful life in our community.