Family Services

Keeping Families Together


Family-Centered Community Support Services (FCCSS) is a community-based, multi-faceted family program designed to assist with the needs of children, youth, and caregivers. The overarching goal of the program is to prevent out-of-home placement and the need for further child welfare system involvement. FCCSS operates within a strengths-based, family-centered perspective and combines individualized family interventions with service management activities. FCCSS identifies and ensures that all needs are addressed so that the family has the best chance of success in maintaining safety, stability, and wellbeing. It has demonstrated efficacy in assisting caregivers with meeting the basic needs of their children and preventing neglect and abuse.

FCCSS services are provided by Family Resource Specialists. The Specialist’s responsibilities extend beyond service management tasks. They provide support and referral services to family members in the home, school, and community. Staff work non-traditional hours, including evenings, weekends, and holidays to ensure that family schedules are accommodated.

Because of Windwood Family Services, more than 5,000 local children have been able to stay with their families, instead of protective custody, over the past decade. 98% of families that complete Windwood’s Family-Centered Community Support Services stay together.

Becky Beddia, MSW

Director of FCCSS
Windwood Family Services
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