Windwood Farm School


Windwood has been providing education services on campus  to our boys since its inception. In 1996, with the financial assistance of the Sertoma Club of Charleston and several generous local donors, the Windwood Farm School was erected. The Windwood School stands as a legacy to the founding members of The Sertoma Club of Charleston. Over twenty years ago The Sertoma Club interviewed the Windwood Board and made a decision to forge a lasting relationship with them. Each year following theannual Sertoma Football Classic, proceeds of that event are given to our agency to assist in sustaining the operation of the education center that has enabled many young boys to have their first positive experience in a classroom.

Charleston County School District provides the teachers, aides, and itinerant teachers for art and other subjects. Each boy receives education services that are individualized and, if they are classified as needing a special education curriculum, Individualized Education Plans ( IEP’s) are developed and followed during their stay with us.

All of the  boys who are placed in our PRTF attend school on our campus.  Boys who are placed in the group home may receive services at The Windwood Farm School or, if they have learned to maintain appropriate behaviors in the classroom  they  can be  mainstreamed to a community school.