Windwood Farm School

A Charleston County School, Just for Our Residents


In 1996, with the financial assistance of the Sertoma Club of Charleston and several generous local donors, we built the Windwood Farm School. Over twenty years ago, The Sertoma Club interviewed the Windwood Board and decided to forge a lasting relationship. Each year following the annual Sertoma Football Classic, proceeds were given to our agency to help sustain operations at the education center that has provided many young boys with their first positive experience in a classroom.

Charleston County School District provides the teachers, aides, guidance counselor, and itinerant teachers for art and other subjects. Each boy receives individualized education services and, if classified as needing a special education curriculum, an Individualized Education Plans (IEP’s) are developed and followed during their stay with us.

Windwood employs an Outreach Coordinator who coordinates with the children’s previous educators and prepares a file on each child’s educational status and support needed to be successful in school, even after they finish their time in Awendaw. The goals of our education program include providing a stable learning environment, securing appropriate testing, and supporting each child’s learning style in partnership with the Charleston County School District.