Ethan’s Story

September 14, 2023

Be a hero in a Windwood boy’s story. Your gift today will transform a child’s life and will be matched up to $10,000 by Exclusive Properties.

All Ethan has ever wanted was for his family to live under one roof. In reality, he found himself homeless with a mother struggling with addiction, a father whose parental rights were terminated for abuse, and a brother who was taken to live with a new family.

At 3 years old, Ethan witnessed a brutal attack on his mother, which forced her deeper into her addiction. Each time Ethan thought his mother would complete a treatment program, he was left disappointed and without a roof over his head. After too many disappointments, Ethan became angry at his family, the system, and the world. He began acting out and getting in trouble in school and in his foster homes.

When Ethan arrived at Windwood at age 12, he kept to himself and had little to say. With each different placement, he was losing hope of going home. Ethan coped by bottling up his anger and frustration until he would have an extreme outburst.

With therapy, Ethan found his voice, hope, and even discovered new hobbies. Younger Windwood residents started looking up to Ethan.

While his mother completed treatment, Ethan’s Windwood Care Coordinator encouraged a relationship with his uncle. He was Ethan’s mentor and biggest supporter, helping him learn and grow during treatment. Ethan often called his uncle in times of frustration and anger.

Ethan’s mother successfully completed rehab and found a stable job. He is now in regular contact with her and she is participating in his treatment. Ethan looks forward to permanently moving home in the near future.

Your donations were instrumental in the making of Ethan’s success story. He is one of the many cases of hardship at Windwood. Your kindness matters. Give today and your gift will be matched up to $10,000 by Exclusive Properties.

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