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Jack’s Story

April 01, 2024

Jack’s resilience is evident from the start of his story. Adopted out of state into a new family with his 5 siblings and seeking a fresh start, he shortly encountered unexpected challenges.

Jack was stuck in a home where exercise was used as punishment so often and extreme that he was diagnosed with scoliosis.

At 15 years old, Jack arrived at Windwood struggling with social anxiety, depression, and frequent tendencies to self-harm, but soon flourished with help from Windwood therapists and staff. Jack became one of the three residents enrolled in 10th grade at Wando High School. His transformation was evident as he embraced opportunities like joining JROTC and building meaningful friendships.

One memorable moment encompasses Jack’s progress and personality: shopping for school clothes with his Care Coordinator. Sporting a simple pants and a shirt, Jack exclaimed with pride, “This is my million-dollar outfit!”

Now successfully discharged from Windwood, Jack is enjoying life in the countryside with his foster mom and a furry friend. His newfound confidence shines as he has immersed himself in another school, joining JROTC again and making “associates” in his classes as he told his treatment team from Windwood. He has monthly visits with his siblings and they are hoping for a future under the same roof.

As we recognize April as Child Abuse Prevention Month, we know that child abuse is rampant — even in our neighborhoods. It affects children and families of all ethnic backgrounds, income levels, and ages. Fortunately, our community has Windwood, along with compassionate partners like you, dedicated to providing help, hope, and healing to children and families.

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